For your comfort

Stunning Amenities


Expert Staff

Our expert staff is ready to provide their expertise to ensure you enjoy your stay.

Greta Service

We keep the customers happy by being Responsive to their needs and wants

Quality Foods

Sharp and harsh flavors blend to make international and local cuisine that tickle the taste buds.

Banquet Menu

A wide range of cuisines is available to mimic the mood of your occasion.

Greeny Garden

The lush green lawn will soothe your mind and immerse your soul in nature.

Parking Slots

The large parking space is available for the functions foryour family or corporate get-togethers.

Our Banquet Hall

A magical ambient interior with hand-carved walls, the phenomenal architecture covering the pillars, and royal vine carpet are set to reflect your dreamy wedding. The floral lamp shades with the spotlights illuminate and highlight every little thing on your occasion. So this site will cherish in the memory of the bride, groom and all the guests!

Outdoor Venue

Our outdoor venue is for your dream garden function. This space under the blue sky, facing a garden, with the chirping birds, is for you and your loved ones to celebrate the special moments. The bright yellow lanterns are set to illuminate your ceremony to leave a remarkable memory in your mind.


The cosy, spacious cottages with vintage furniture and iconic interior create a mind soothing ambiance. The cottages are also equipped with attached bathrooms of luxury fittings to add more comfort for your stay.